These Are Very Nice Flies and they Work!

These flies are made with the best craftmanship we have ever seen in our fly fishing careers. Zoom In and see for yourself. Their great, we have using them for years but now it's time to let a few secrets out of the bag! Try them and if you don't like them return them for a full discount. Made from the best materials to last a long time. Make sure your line is good when using these, fish don't let them go. We are adding to our store a select few of these for now but keep checking back. There will be others added soon.

Diving Olive and White Bass Bug

What more can we say, they work! Bass love these guys but Northern Pike and Muskie have been known to hit them too. Oh yea their weedless too. $3.95 ea.

Mr. Mouse is always a good Bass killer.

When times are slow and the going gets a little rough you have to have one of these in the bullet box. Just toss one of these into a patch of weeds and see what happens. Also weedless. $3.95 ea.

The Royal Wulffe

When the Bass arn't available it's always good idea to start working on shore lunch. These flies have the sunnies and crappies number. They can't resist seeing them floating on top of the water and slowly sinking into the abyss. When it's panfish you want, RW is always a good choice. $.89 ea

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More coming soon...


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