Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen,

our first book...

Here are a collection of true life hunting and fishing stories from average sportsmen and women from around the world. This book consists entirely of outdoor stories. Stories about the everyday ups and downs of the sportsman. Some are humorous, some are dramatic and some are so exciting you think you're there. You could even learn some new techniques or secrets that will prove invaluable in the future. And guess what? It's all written by people just like you, outdoorsmen who want to share their stories and knowledge.

"I know I will enjoy reading the stories from the next edition of your book! I keep your first edition at my cabin and everyone who picks it up, can't put it down! It is wonderful reading and I often read the other stories over and over again! It is a great book! And a great idea! Keep them coming!" Gordon Chrisman Cedar Bluffs, Nebraska

"A great collection of real life hunts and fishing trips. The book is a collection of short stories perfect for a hunting camp or for the bedside in the off season. The tales are short enough for a quick read when you have a few minutes to unwind and bring you instantly to your favorite fishing hole, the woods, or even far away places to share those momments that only another fisherman or hunter can truly appreciate."
Mike Skelly, New York

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Our 2nd Book
More Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen

We couldn't fit them all in one book! So this is our 2nd collection of true life fishing and hunting tales. More stories and lots of fun and excitement. We have had a lot of fun collecting these stories and hope to keep the idea alive. Thanks to you for making it a success!

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