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The Turkey Hunter by John deWeber

The day dawned clear and cold as the hunter prepared to leave on his first wild turkey hunt. His mind was spinning with visions of large tom turkeys strutting in front of a hen decoy…. Looking down from his stand in the trees, the muscles in his upper back and…

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Deer 4 Hunter 0 by Steve Mahurin

After 11 hours of the seemingly endless expanses of Texas with its busy, but sometimes desolate and deserted, highways, we arrived at our destination. This was the “Under The Hill Ranch,” headquarters camp for the Rancor Ranch. We were about 80 miles from Amarillo, Texas with the closest town being…

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Venison by Bruce D. Bushing

I know most of you probably caught this info on “CNN Headline News”, but, just in case you hadn’t heard, “Bruce filled his deer tag.” I know, I know…. most of you are probably saying, “Well of course, doesn’t he always!?” Believe it or not there have been a couple…

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