by Tim Worel

Joe and I were fishing at Silver Lake in northwestern Minnesota. We were catching some nice crappies, sunnies and a few walleyes. Joe was fishing with 4-pound test line. He had just caught a nice walleye that weighed about 3 pounds.

Joe cast out near some lily pads and got a bite. He set the hook. The fish jumped right away with a big splash! The fish started to rip out line. It looked like a real big bass. The fish jumped again and I was thinking that this was a state record. The fish started to swim toward deep water and I started to chase the big fish with my trolling motor. After chasing the big fish around the lake for about 25 minutes the fish was finally getting tired. I got the net ready but that fish was holding straight down at about 10 feet. Joe couldn’t get the fish off the bottom. Finally the big fish started to come up. It was to be a 10-pound carp! Joe almost started to cry. He couldn’t believe the fish he was going to mount on his wall was a carp. That carp took off again and jumped out of the water just like a bass and this time it broke the line. That was the first time that I ever saw a carp jump just like a bass, and fight like one, too.
jumping carp
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