More Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen- Hunting Stories

The Perfect Storm

by Thomas O. Wansleben DIARY

The Turkey Hunter

by John deWeber ACTION

Bear Attack 

by Jim Oltersdorf ACTION

The Big Boys

by Kevin White ACTION

The Torch 9X10 Elk

by Lance Lippert DIARY/ACTION



A Gift From Dad

by Bill Albrecht DIARY

The Four Little Pigs 

by Scott Hilderbrand  HUMOUR

Another “Bobcat Bob” Hunting Adventure

by Sam Ducharme HUMOUR

Opening Day Blues 

by Aaron Gallagher  DIARY

Finally A Long Beard

by Joseph Antinora  DIARY

Crazy Old Man Calling

by Tim Worel   DIARY


by Sam Ducharme  DIARY

The Nosy Buck

by Justin Edge DIARY

My ‘Divine’ Buck

by Greg Ricks  DIARY

Learning to Hunt: Bear

by Mike Skelly DIARY

Deer 4 Hunter 0

by Steve Mahurin DIARY

Hunting Pennsylvania Black Bears

by Bob Stellfox ACTION

The Ghost of Turkey Run

by Steve Mahurin DIARY


by Bruce D. Bushing DIARY

The Hunting Honeymoon Nightmare

by Shella Webster ACTION

Deer Season Danger

by Donnie Ponder DIARY/OUCH

Debbie’s First Deer

by Jim Wetzel  DIARY

I Never Ran So Damn Far!

by Christopher Burner ACTION

Fuzz and Me

by Sonny Simer ACTION

Magnum Man

by Jim Wetzel ACTION/DIARY

Seymore Buck

by  David Stephens ACTION

The Night of the Snake

by Sonny Simer ACTION

Big Elk Die Hard

by David Stephens ACTION

Learning To Hunt

by Mike Skelly DIARY

Turkey Hunt of A Lifetime

by Darrell Bentley ACTION

The Fuse Lake Lake Bull

by David Stephens ACTION Uncle Art’s Hunting Diary

by Bill Byford DIARY

The White River Buck

by V. Ralph Bloomquist  DIARY

Just the Way I Planned It

by George R. Naugle DIARY/ACTION

The Hunting Dog

by Roy Rust HUMOR

The Lucky Buck

by Matt McDonald  DIARY

Survival of the Fittest

by John Hanson


The One That Got Away

by Randon Hunter DIARY

Behind the Next Bush Parts1-3

by Henry McNatt III  ACTION

Miss Limp

by Tim Worel DIARY


More Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen- Hunting Stories


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