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A friend of mine went bow hunting for deer last weekend. A average size buck came by so he stuck him with an arrow. He usually waits about an hour to start tracking the buck down so as not to spook him. Well he did but what he found just a little over an hour later was hard to believe. Wolves had tracked the buck first and had basically torn him apart that fast. Gary said he felt like something was watching him and his hunting partner and I'm sure those wolves were. Anyways they went back the next day and the forest was alive with eagles and turkey vultures' and a few owls. All waiting for the chance to get a taste of that buck. Photo enclosed(Click Here) but be warned it isn't a pretty site.

Things that make you want to say "Help me Jesus".

Just in Spotted in Moose Lake, MN


Deer hunting after tha Obama gun law!

Obama's Gun Ban List Is Out

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Jon Hedin and Tim Worel have been friends and fishing partners for over 20 some years. One year while fishing the Mississippi River early one spring, Jon caught a 5-pound bass. As he was practicing the art of catch and release the big bass accidentally hit Tim smack in the middle of his head. Well, Tim had thought about publishing average folk stories before that little shakeup, but it's a fact that since then Tim never stopped trying to convince Jon that writing true life hunting and fishing stories was the best idea since rubber worms. After awhile the pen and paper came out of Jon's pocket and the boys got real serious (well, as serious as two guys can get while catching a few hundred fish and trying to write everything down on a piece a paper in a shaky boat). So anyway, that explains how that idea had originally got started.

Now, years later, Tim and Jon released their first book -- a collection of true life hunting and fishing stories from around the world. Some funny, some with a lot of action, and some stories about being in the right place at the right time.

With the creation of the Worldwide Web, The Ultimate Sportsmen is a possible host to more than 60 million readers. The Ultimate Sportsmen is always in search of strange or exciting (or both) fishing and hunting tales that will be published in print and in data form via our Web page. This is a great opportunity for the average sports person to tell his or her own true life hunting or fishing story to the world, as well as read about the adventures of other sports persons.

If you have a story that needs to be told, and you want to get a little famous (as well as receive a cool T-shirt), go ahead and send it in. If you want to read about caribou hunting in Alaska, wild boar hunting in Hawaii, trout fishing in Texas, and other hunting and fishing stories check out the rest of this site.

From all of us here at Tales of the Ultimate Sportsmen, Thank you for making this site a success.

Ok, we have a new contest for this upcoming deer season. It will be a deer skinning contest. Take a look at the video and see how it is done because this guy is impressive.  You better sharpen your knife. Fastest deer dressing we have ever seen


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